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What You Should Know About Criminal Charges And Immigration

An arrest can put your right to live in the United States at risk. A conviction for certain crimes will lead to more than a possible prison sentence. As a foreign national, it could cost you the privilege of living in this country, and could even separate you from your family. Skilled legal counsel is necessary to give yourself every possible chance of avoiding removal and preserving your rights.

The Yemi Getachew Immigration Law Office, P.C., provides removal defense to residents of the Bay Area and Northern California. We pride ourselves on giving excellent, compassionate representation to people facing removal proceedings. Our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience. In addition, we do not back down from a fight and will aggressively seek a solution that keeps you in the U.S. and holds your family together.

If you or a loved one are at risk of deportation because of a criminal conviction, call 408-292-7995 immediately. We will make sure you are treated fairly by USCIS and the immigration court.

The Immigration Law Consequences Of A Conviction

Apart from the criminal penalties, a conviction for an aggravated felony or “crime of moral turpitude” may lead to removal proceedings against a noncitizen. The list of crimes that can trigger a removal action range from homicide and drug trafficking to relatively minor crimes like failure to appear in court and perjury. USCIS has the discretion whether or not to pursue deportation of a noncitizen convicted of a crime. The agency considers several factors, such as the nature of the crime and the noncitizen’s immigration status.

If you are facing deportation due to a criminal conviction, we will stand with you. We will explain your options and aggressively pursue possible relief. Remember, the initiation of removal proceedings does not automatically mean you will be forced to leave the country. We explore all possibilities to help you.

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