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Citizenship And Naturalization Help In The Bay Area

How do you become an American citizen? Becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States is perhaps one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences for an individual. It is a privilege to become a United States citizen, and Yemi Getachew Immigration Law Office, P.C. fights on behalf of clients to help them overcome any barriers to naturalization.

Whether it is helping the client study for the history and civics test or reviewing the client’s immigration and criminal history, or determining if any disability exemptions exist, our lawyers go through your history and represent your interests zealously.  We have won difficult cases where an individual derived citizenship because their biological or adopted parent was a United States citizen before the age of 18, but they did not know it.

What It Takes To Become A Citizen

To be eligible to become a naturalized U.S. citizen, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • With some exceptions, live in the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident (i.e., have a green card) for three or five years, depending on the type of green card
  • Not leave the United States for at least three months before applying
  • Speak English
  • Be “of good moral character”

Let Us Help You Today

We will explain how to prove that you qualify for application, and help you fill out Form N-400 to kick off the process. Call 408-292-7995 to schedule an appointment at our San Jose office.