Successful Case Results from Our San Jose Immigration Attorney

At Yemi Getachew Immigration Law Office, P.C., we have helped countless of our clients obtain favorable outcomes in their immigration cases since 1996. From seeking asylum after fleeing from persecution in their home countries or avoiding deportation from the United States to pursuing student or employment visas, our San Jose immigration attorney has represented individuals from many different countries all over the world.

The following is a closer look at some of the most recent, successful care results our legal team has achieved:

  • Asylum Case (May 2018) – As a part of a conservative ethnic group in East Africa, this client was subjected to Female Genital Mutilation at the hands of her grandmother which left her with recurring infections and a lifetime of pain. As an adult, she faced abuse by the government when she and her husband, who were both Ph.D. students attending school in a West European country—where an opposition political group had its headquarters—accused them both of being agents of the opposition. She and her family fled to the United State, fearing they would face arrest, torture, and even death if forced to return to East Africa. With the help of Yemi Getachew, she, her husband, and their two-year-old son no longer have that fear, as they were granted asylum in the United States in May 2018.
  • Asylum Case (May 2018) – In her home country in East Africa, this client and her family were victimized when the government unlawfully detained and tortured her husband in order to extort him. In response to this terror, the client and her family fled to another African country. Unfortunately, there was a growing resentment of people from her country of origin and they were being targeted for their nationality. Because of this, her husband’s cousin was murdered and her son was beaten. Since they no longer felt safe, the client and three of her children came to the United States. In May 2018, with the help of Yemi Getachew, the client and three of her children were granted asylum.
  • Asylum Case (May 2018) – At the age of 24, this client fled Saudi Arabia to escape her abusive father and a forced marriage. Growing up, she watched her father physically abuse her mother and she too was subjected to beatings at the hands of both her father and brothers. They accused her of promiscuity. She was to be married to a much older man in her father’s country of birth because the father believed she would bring shame on him with promiscuity. Instead, she escaped to the United States out of the fear that she would be killed by her father upon return to either East Africa or Saudi Arabia, she was granted asylum in May 2018.

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So no matter what type of immigration matter you face, having an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on your side can make a significant impact. We use our extensive understanding of the U.S. immigration laws to guide our clients through the complexities of the legal system toward the best results possible. Not only does our San Jose immigration lawyer provide skilled legal counsel, but also offers compassionate emotional support.

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