Why so many Immigration Cases are Stuck in Court and What to do about it

Despite the increase in funding for agencies including CBP and ICE, the immigration courts themselves have not received more money and that is what they need if they want to reduce their backlogs. The current wait time for a case in immigration court is nearly 2 years! This wait time places aliens in an excruciating limbo where they are constantly wondering the fate of their status. Each case must be heard by an immigration judge, but in an attempt to circumvent this legal process, the Trump Administration has ordered an increase in expedited removal proceedings. This attempt to increase deportations especially targets those seeking asylum. While asylum seekers may have legitimate cases, this order could potentially lead to their deportations due to a loss of a complete case and information review. This is NOT the way to solve the backlog problem. Aliens should not be punished for the federal government’s failure to allocate proper funding for immigration courts. An increase in judges is what we need, not an increase in deportations. If your case has been ordered for expedited removal proceedings, you may file habeas corpus proceedings. Do not let the government’s dislike of backlogs prevent you from getting the justice you deserve!

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