Trump's Dangerous Expansion of the "Public Charge" Rule

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when United States immigration laws were just starting to form, a standard was implemented to determine whether or not a person seeking entry was likely to become a “public charge.” This was determined by how much money they had, whether they were employable, and whether or not they had any disabilities. Despite some people being barred entry because of this standard, millions of immigrants have since entered the country and have enrolled in social services, something completely legal for them to do. The Trump administration has now decided to punish immigrants using government assistance as a way of curtailing legal immigration and denying greencards to those once considered eligible. Trump wants to deny legal immigrants of any assistance as well as assistance for their children, who may be U.S. citizens! This policy change is cruel and only further demonstrates this administration’s contempt for all aliens, even those attempting to just follow our country’s long established immigration procedures.

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